Ruby Residence


In preparation for the birth of our daughter we decided to convert our one bedroom, floor-through, Manhattan brownstone apartment into a two bedroom. Having seen a bunch of similar brownstone alterations that we thought were unsuccessful, we decided that ours would be different. The two bedrooms would be unequal in size and shape (with the "s" shape chosen to accommodate the uneven window spacing and the two bedrooms nested in a yin/yang configuration like back to back grand pianos). Access to the bedrooms would be as far apart as possible.The wall dividing the two bedrooms would become a decorative element clad in zebra wood. The wall would not extend to the ceiling in the traditional sense but would have a continuous bent glass transom from 9' to the underside of the existing ceiling, creating the illusion that the existing ceiling is continuous and that the room is bigger than it is. Many visitors commented that our apartment was better and felt grander once it was divided. We sold it in one day. The New York Times featured the project in an July 2002 article here.