Shoreham Hotel Bar


Ed Kopel has been involved with the Shoreham Hotel in Manhattan since 1997 when he started to work as a project manager for Bernard Goldberg’s Gotham Hospitality Group, a successful developer of NYC boutique hotels in the mid to late 1990’s. Months after being hired, the company was sold to an institutional investor. Ed stayed on to supervise the conversion of a 7 story office building adjacent to the existing Shoreham Hotel into a 92 room boutique hotel with a conference/exhibition room, often rented by luxury designers for trunk shows, a commercial kitchen, and a ground floor restaurant/bar.

As the project progressed, Ed’s role included more and more of the design work. Since that time the hotel has been sold twice and each time Ed Kopel Architects has been retained by the new Owners. In the past year, Ed has completed: a guest room upgrade of the original 86 room hotel (Shoreham I); installation of through-the wall fan coil units; a roof tear-off and replacement; and alterations to the ground floor including the design of a temporary art gallery and the redesign of the previously renovated bar/restaurant.        

Photos by: Brooks Walker